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Aggie Propulsion & Rocketry Lab (APRL) is a student-run bi-propellant liquid-fueled rocketry team. We are working towards building UC Davis's first-ever liquid rocket. Our project will enable students at Davis to design, build, test, and launch rockets for years to come.

Our Mission
Make rocketry accessible to all students regardless of background or experience Create a community of like-minded individuals sharing their passion for space and rocketry Push the boundaries of undergraduate rocketry and propulsion
We build on your Generosity


Your generosity is what enables us to make our aspirations feasible. If you would like to support our rocketry journey, please consider donating or sponsoring.

ARPL is always looking for companies willing to provide materials, components, and services to get us closer to spaceflight. If you would like to learn more about sponsoring ARPL please check out our sponsorship package below, and contact us. Donations go a long way in fueling our project. If you have the means, any donation to the crowdfunding linked below is an massive help to our team.

Ad Astra


All Engines Test Stands Vehicles
up to the brink of the vast nocturnal and star-studded ocean of all that we still don't know
The Order of Time - Carlo Rovelli
Divide & Conquer



Developing the injector, nozzle, and regen jacket. Design and fabrication of all combustion devices

Propellent Feed

Developing fluid systems & test stand needed to supply specified mass flow and pressures.


Developing the body and integrating all components of the rocket. Conducting flight simulations.


Developing robust parachute and recovery systems to ensure reliable recovery of the vehicle


Developing electrical systems needed for data acquisition, data visualization, & remote actuation.


Supporting engineering effort via gathering funds, branding of club, and educational outreach

About the Team


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Our Team's


Ali J. Gangeh
Co-President & Chief Engineer of Propulsion
Richard Butcher
Co-President & Chief Engineer of Vehicle
Co-President & Recovery Lead
Aarushi Vekaria
Engine Lead
Emmett Moore
Engine Lead
Rowan Glenn
Engine Lead
Kayla Cunningham
Airframe Lead
Bramasto Prasojo
Airframe Lead
Daniel Fan
Electrical Lead
Aila Alli
Safety Lead
Wilson Li
Propellant Feed Lead
Kevin Tran
Propellant Feed Lead
Kendall Manis
Operations Lead
Jackson Wright
TVC Lead

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PO Box:

Center for Student Involvement UC davis
Box #519 One Shields Avenue
Davis, California 95616-8706




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